Project: The Danger Age

Deckchair Theatre in association with

Steamworks Arts Productions, 2010

Director: Sally Richardson

Written by: Kate Mulvany

Composer: Ash Gibson Greig

Production Designer: Matt McVeigh & Iona McAuley

Lighting Designer: Joseph Mercurio

An absurd chain of events is set in motion when a ten-year-old boy named (coincidentally) John Curtin gets caught in international political intrigue. After he accidentally receives a call from President Roosevelt intended for his Prime Ministerial namesake, the chronically asthmatic Curtin must attempt to save his hometown of Kalbarri from a potential disaster that would split his world in two. Enlisting a small army including a foul-mouthed sock puppet, a young Nanda girl named Albert Namitjira and a Japanese doctor, young Curtinís adventures make for an absurdly comic, wickedly inventive and visually rich exploration of our countryís past.

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