Project: Whoosh!

Sensorium Theatre 2018

Set Designer: Matt McVeigh

Costume Designer: Cherie Hewson

Technical design: Steve Berrick

Sound/ Composer: Jamie David

Hop on board our spaceship and get ready for blast off!

Calling all budding astronauts! Become a pilot, engineer or navigator as we whoosh across the galaxy for an interstellar adventure for the whole family.

Join our crew to explore outer space, taste space food, experience hyperspace and travel all the way to the mysterious Planet X. We’ll have to work as a team to repair the ship and return to Earth.

Whoosh! is a new interactive multi-sensory adventure that puts children with disabilities in the Captain’s Chair! This amazing performance is suitable for children with a broad range of access needs, including those with multiple and complex needs and those on the autism spectrum.

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