Project: Riverton Leisure Complex

Commissioned for Riverton Leisure Complex, City of Canning 2017

Artist: Matt McVeigh

Media: Laser cut acrylic and automative paint

I was commissioned to work with a group of young people from a number of schools in the City of Canning to create a mural work for the newly renovated Riverton leisure Complex:

Riverton Primary School

Orana Catholic Primary School

Shelley Primary School

Lynwood Senior High school

Rossmoyne Senior High School

I ran a number of workshops were the students drew ecology, marine, bird, insect and animal life found in and around their local surrounds. The drawings were then traced and edited and laser cut from Black acrylic that I painted with automotive paint. The works covered 4 walls that in total spanned about 30 metres wide and 4 metres high.

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