Project: Kaarla, Kep and Boodjar Kaatijin Trilogy

Yirra Yakkin Aboriginal Theatre 2012-2016

Kaarla Kaatijin

Written by Zac James

Director: Kyle J Morrison

Set and Costume designer: Matt McVeigh

Sound Designer: Joe Lui

Kaarla Kaatijin (which in Noongar means ‘to understand fire’) The story follows the plight of the birds and animals of the land suffering an endless, icy winter. Together they undertake a dangerous and brave mission to catch ‘Kaarla’ (fire) and bring it back to warm the land once more.

Kep Kaatijin

Written by David Milroy in association with Derek Nannup

Director: Derek Nannup

Set and costume designer: Matt McVeigh

Sound Designer: Scott Griffiths

Kep Kaatijin (which in Noongar means ‘to understand water’) is a collection of stories based on traditional Noongar knowledge and storytelling.

From Mumung, the hungry whale, to Djitty Djitty, the angry willy wagtail, Kep Kaatijin will take young audiences on a fascinating and entertaining journey into traditional Noongar knowledge and storytelling.

Through traditional and contemporary myths and legends, Kep Kaatijin brings to life stories from the waterways of the South West of Western Australia.

Boodjar Kaatijin

Written & Directed by Ian Wilkes

Starring Amy Smith, Rubeun Yorkshire & Aaron Wilkes

Set & Costume Designer Matthew McVeigh

Sound Designer James Taylor

Lighting Designer Chloe Ogilvie

Stage Manager Jenny Poh

Adults and children alike will be spellbound by puppetry, masks and glow in the dark elements in Boodjar Kaatijin, the third instalment of the Kaatijin series.

Join Koorlbardi, Weitj, Nyingarn and their koordah as they take you on a wild adventure into traditional legends of how the land was created. Through a collection of four stories based on Noongar knowledge and storytelling, audiences will learn about the first sunrise, the creation of Kings Park, how the Kangaroo got its colour; how the echidna got its spikes and the creation of Wave Rock and the Stars.

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