Project: National Youth Week 2013- Kickstart Markets

Co-Artist and workshop facilitator: Matt McVeigh and Calvin Chee

The Hive” Installation

We were commissioned to create an art installation for the KickstART Festival. We decided to create a giant beehive installation using plastic bags to build a matrix of diamond cells based on a honeycomb structure

The colours and patterns found in the installation are the same as those found on building site signs that are so prevalent in the city at the moment. The work is about the correlation of nature and man in their need to work together to create something bigger than their individual efforts.

The “hive” is an interactive work and was intended to be the heart of the festival. The process involved cutting the bags and re-assembling them as individual diamonds. The diamonds were sealed together to create the bigger spiralling hive structure. It was then blown up with air to give them a 3D form. The work had a sound component in the middle of the spiral, to entice the public to walk into the work.

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