Project: Ghost Child

Performing Lines/MANPAC in association with

Steamworks Arts Productions, 2012

Writer/Director: Sally Richardson

Based on Novel by: Sonya Harnett

Composer: Melanie Robinson

Production Designer: Matt McVeigh

Lighting Designer: Jenny Villa

Winner of the 2008 Australian Young Adult Book award The Ghost’s Child is an enchanting fable of haunting resonance about the worth of life, the quality of happiness and the power of love.

The Ghost’s Child is the story of Matilda Victoria Adelaide, a 75 year-old

woman who once traveled the world with her father searching for the world’s most beautiful thing. Matilda was an only child who longed for her life to be as mystifying and magical as a fairytale. One day a strange young man appears unannounced in her lounge room. She offers him tea and biscuits and tells her story of falling in love with a wild boy named Feather and her attempt to build a ‘respectable’ life with him.

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