Project: REmida Recycled Lizard

Artist /Designer/ Project Co-ordinator: Matt McVeigh

Mentoring Artist: Diokno Pasilan

Builders: Matt McVeigh, Diokno Pasilan, Richard James

Reused and recycled material: cane, plastic rope, flyscreen, shade cloth, silver air-conditioning exhaust tube, broken fans, plastic bags, milk bottles etc.

A lot of artists helped with this project including Cross Arts Collective, Tim Kenworthy, Tim Barretto, Remida volunteers and over 800 School children from metropolitan schools of various ages through a series of workshops.

The project was possible through a grant I received from Propel Youth Arts called Y-culture. The puppet was operated by 12 people and was over 12 metres long. It was made of almost all entirely thrown out material and objects.

It was made for Remida Day 2009 to promote the idea of reusing and recycling in a creative manner and for the Walking against Warming Parade. It has since featured in many festivals and community events including PIAF.

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